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Christian Way School – What We Believe

A Ministry of the Woodland Hills Christian Church

Christian Way Preschool believes in the total development of the child. Our program is structured to meet their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs with a strong emphasis placed on building self-esteem. We believe children need an opportunity to experiment, explore, and discover the excitement of learning through developmentally-appropriate materials and experiences. We believe in providing and exposing children to a variety of cultural experiences, enabling them to relate to the world around them. We believe that all children should be given optimal consideration as unique individuals. We promote hands on, active learning to accommodate of all types of learning styles focusing on each child’s specific needs.

We believe that with a strong foundation, children can experience academic success.

As a ministry of the Woodland Hills Christian Church we strive to help the children to realize and understand that all nature (people, plants, and animals) are gifts of a loving God and that the greatest gift of love is Jesus.