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Two’s – Butterflies

Our program for the 2-year old classroom focuses on oral communication, alphabet, number, color and animal recognition, vocabulary expansion, food identification, and having a basic concept of the bible. Story telling, bible stories, and music movement are practiced on a daily basis.

We accept children in diapers and we also potty train when ready.


Three’s – Monkeys

Activities for the 3-year old classroom have more emphasis on color, shapes and numbers, as well as verbal and visual recognition of the alphabet.

Craft activities are geared towards following directions with the use of small motor skills (cutting, tracing, coloring and pasting).

We encourage children to assume responsibility for others as well as their surroundings. We build on their knowledge of Bible stories and their characters.


Four’s – Dolphins

The curriculum for the 4-year old classroom has been specifically designed for its exceptional quality, providing the children with many resources throughout their environment which instill a love for learning. We expand upon their knowledge of Bible stories and their characters, and integrate these lessons in their daily schedule.

To ready them for Kindergarten, the children learn about the subjects of:

Math: sort and classify, numbers 1-20, patterns, number pattern, measurements, graphing, addition and subtraction, money, time

Phonics: letter/sound awareness, phonological awareness, book and print awareness, literature, vocabulary, writing, sight words

Science: hands-on science experiments, objects around us, animals, weather and seasons, plants, investigating water, earth and planets

Social Studies: my country, the flag, maps, holidays, being a good citizen, working together and solving problems


Music and Movement
Each class celebrates the joy of music and movement through a variety of fun and inviting activities. Dancing and singing are important experiences for young children to explore.

Cooking is a fun part of our classroom curriculum. Within these lessons, math concepts are introduced and early reading is emphasized. We introduce children to a variety of cultural foods from the around the world and build on concepts for healthy eating habits.